We’re ONLINE Anyway!


Here is how: A minimum of 65% of the earnings from all Michael E. Jordan Group, LLC™ owned properties, will be contributed to the Community. The 65% is distributed over the 6 referral levels of available Crowd Funded Cashback™. When Community members personally refer a new Community member, and that referred Community member then purchases products, goods or services, and/or pays a monthly subscription to any of the EXCLUSIVELY PRICED Michael E. Jordan Group™ offers, that member becomes an Active Community member (ACFCC™).

The Michael E. Jordan Group™ is creating a Crowd Builder's Fund™. The Crowd Builder's Fund™ will be available for the life of the Michael E. Jordan Group™. 2% of all gross revenues generated by Michael E. Jordan Group, LLC™ properties will go to the Crowd Builder's Fund™, for a total of 67% of earned gross revenues contributed to the Community.

The Crowd Builder's Fund™ will be closed to additional Crowd Builders™ when 1,000 Crowd Builders™ are in the Community, or when the 30-day launch period ends, whichever comes first!

From the 1st day to the 30th day of the launch of the Michael E. Jordan Group's™ Crowd Funded Cashback Community™, and only during the 30-day time period of the launch of the Community, when any N-ACFCC™ or ACFCC™ directly refers 10 new Community members or more, and remains a Community member for 90 consecutive days, the referring Community member will automatically qualify for the Crowd Builder's Fund™.

An ACFCC™ is a Community member who has an up-to-date, active, paid monthly subscription to a minimum of one of the products, goods or services offered to the Community.

A Non-Active Community member (N-ACFCC™) is an ACFCC™ member who has not yet purchased a paid monthly subscription, product, good or service offered to the Community.

A N-ACFCC™ Community member is only eligible to earn Cashback on directly referred "ACFCC"™ members, meaning only earnings from referral level #1 of the 6 referral levels. To trigger earning Crowd Funded Cashback from the paid monthly subscriptions of the directly referred "ACFCC" member the "N-ACFCC" will need to directly refer 2 ACFCC™’s who purchase a THAT Travel Club Full subscription; that N-ACFCC can also directly refer 6 ACFCC’s who purchase a THAT Travel Club Lite subscription or directly refer 10 ACFCC members.

Upon referring the 2 ACFCC’s who purchase the THAT Travel Club Full, referring 6 ACFCC’s who purchase a THAT Travel Club Lite subscription, or achieving 10 directly referred ACFCC members, the N-ACFCC will automatically achieve “ACFCC” status, will be upgraded to a THAT Travel Club Lite monthly subscription, and will automatically open all 6 referral levels of Crowd Funded Cashback.

ALL monthly subscriptions paid by N-ACFCC™ members directly referred by ACFCC™ members will be held in the N-ACFCC™ member’s account and will be released when the 10th ACFCC™ referral minimum distribution amount is achieved.

S.O.S! When ACFCC™ status is achieved in the Community by an N-ACFCC™ and all 6 referral levels are opened and paying the member who is now an ACFCC™, the monthly subscription to THAT Travel Club™ Lite will always be automatically paid. The exception to this is being removed from the Community for cause or deletion of the ACFCC™ account.

ANY Community member who accidentally deletes their account can recover the account and will be allowed to recover their account within 72 hours of the accidental deletion.

After 72 hours an automatic notice will be sent every 3 days to every registered electronic device listed on the member’s profile alerting the member to the accidentally deleted account.

After 1 delinquent subscription payment cycle, on the 3rd day messages will cease. The accidentally deleted account will be frozen. No Crowd Funded Cashback™ will be awarded to the accidentally deleted account.

If our records show a next of kin or contact, we will attempt to contact that accidentally deleted Community member's contact person.

After 6 months of no activity on the accidentally deleted Community member’s account, we will check our records to see if the Community member had arranged to leave the account to someone over the age of 18 and/or arranged to have the remaining funds distributed to the Community member’s designated representative.

When a Community member decides to delete their account, that Community member will be notified immediately alerting that member of the account deletion. We will contact the member for 3 consecutive days.

On the 4th day the account will disconnect from the Community! The deleted account will be closed, any unclaimed Crowd Funded Cashback™ due for the current Cashback distribution will be calculated, and a check will be mailed to the most current mailing address listed on the deleted member’s account.

ANY Community member who deletes their account will NOT BE eligible to create a new account and will be required to sit out of the Community for 365 days from the date the deletion was verified.

Your directly referred Community members are your Crowd. Community members can communicate directly with directly referred Community members. Community members can request and accept the Crowd Connections from any member of the Community.

A Community member’s account will be closed for cause! The Community member whose account has been closed will be paid any Crowd Funded Cashback™ owed for the current month or whatever amount of Cashback is currently in the Community member’s account.

We will be as communicative as we can. As a Community member you will receive messages for the MEJ Group Network™ including but not limited to Email, Ringless Voicemail, Text, Push notifications, Alexa and Google Channels, Digital Signage, (TV Channel TBA), Back Office/Members Area, and Group and individual messaging capability.

I have tried to be as transparent as possible. I HATE THE BAIT AND SWITCH!!!! Any questions, the CEO himself will answer: ceo@michaelejordangroup.com.